CMP ACTIVITY(session 2018-2019)

FUNDAY ACTIVITY: - we celebrate fun day every Saturday . Every Saturday various activities doing like kolarge making, outdoor and indoor games, art and craft , Hindi and English communication skill , creative writing , cub and bull-bull , Hindi and English stories .

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME:-the student of government school students come in our school and we celebrates fun day.

CLASS LIBRARY:-every class room have small library and holding period they study . These books are bal bharti to improve their knowledge.

MEDITATION: - meditation and yoga classes conduct regularly in every Saturday.

GAMES: - we conducted outdoor and indoor games every Saturday and game period.

CUB BUL-BULL:- we conduct cub bul-bull activity on every alternate Saturday.

ANY OTHER ACTIVTIES:- we conduct  any other activities  like cleanliness programme , campus   visit , biology lab , plantation, community lunch and school visit.